Rolled metal products

LLC "UniversalStroymash" delivers special rolled metal products and articles made from them for enterprises of power, petrochemical and chemical engineering industries.
- production of bimetal and bimetal blanks in St. Petersburg;
- imported metal slabbing at the facilities of JSC "Severstal”;
- seamless and welded heat-exchange pipes, including U-shaped ones;
- delivery of Schulz GmbH products (distributor);
- seamless and welded pipes and fittings for oil and chemical industry pipelines;
- flat rolled metal products made of imported stainless and carbon steel;
- delivery of top-quality forgings made in Italy, China and South Korea;
- delivery of titanium alloys products and blanks (Italy).
Production of bimetal plates by explosion welding was adopted in 2005 with assistance of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Central Research Institute of Structural Materials (FSUE CRISM) "Prometey”.
At present we are an independent bimetal producer holding all partnership relations with FSUE CRISM "Prometey”. We also deliver pack rolling bimetal and bimetal blank forgings, both made abroad and in cooperation with foreign producers.
We produce bimetal sheets and plates for power and chemical engineering industry, as well as for shipbuilding and instrument making industries. Among our fulfilled orders are sheets up to 30 sq.m. in area produced with 100% quality (continuity quality "0”) using the explosion welding technology, which allows to increase the seal strength, to extend the list of welded alloys (up to high-strength alloys АМr and titanium alloys) under a wide range of thicknesses and overall dimensions with extremely low deformation of sheets after welding.

We have our own technical conditions under which the bond strength above current standards:
TS ”Bimetal plates "Steel-Titan” produced by explosion welding”./div>
TS ”Bimetal sheets and plates produced by the explosion welding designed for chemical and petrochemical engineering industry”./div>
TS ”Bimetal general-purpose aluminum alloy АМг6УМ and steel 12Х18Н10Т (TP321) plates”.
Our company delivers bimetal plates for a fusion reactor under ITER international project.
In 2010 our company was certified against ISO 9001 international standards by the European office of the Bureau Veritas as a producer of bimetal products, in 2012 it was certified by the Russian Maritime Register of shipping (production of bimetal for shipbuilding industry).
The bimetal and the equipment produced before 2013 have been delivered to the following enterprises:
JSC "Mozyr Oil Refinery" (Belorus)
LLC "Mashzavod” (Chernovtsy, Ukraine)
JSC "Lukoil” (Burgas, Bulgaria, Rumania)
JSC "Volgogradneftemash"
JSC "Ddzerzhinskkhimmash” (Industrial Group "Generation”, Dzerzhinsk)
LLC ITC "SibAkvaTrade” (Оmsk)
JSC "ZAVCOM Industries" named after N.S. Artemov"а"
SAHALA Works Oy (Finland)  
JSC "Kaustik” (Ufa, Bashkortostan)
JSC "Bashkir Soda Company”
The production and the delivery of the above products started in 2007 at the industrial site in Finland (by a subsidiary company). In 2009 we established the industrial site in Estonia, and the production in Finland was suspended.
In 2013 we opened and now keep working the bimetal production in Russia at the industrial site in Leningrad region. This year we have already produced:
6 sheets 10 (5+5) х 1400 х 2900 mm (АМГ6+ AISI 321),
35 sheets (10+3) х 1400 х 5900 (A265 gr.1 +09Г2С-13) for JSC "Bashkir Soda Company” аs well as pilot sheets:
1. 30 (25+5) х 3400 х 3800 mm (ВТ1-00 + 09Г2С-15)
2. 90 (84+6) х 2750 х 10800 мм (AISI 321 + 09Г2С-18)
3. 35 (30+5) х 500 х 2500 мм (A265 Gr.5 + 09Г2С-13)
4. 36 (30+1+5) х 500 х 2500 мм (A265 Gr.5 + A265 Gr.1 + 09Г2С-13)